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Sevan Networks Launches Innovative Web Access Management Appliance That Eliminates User Passwords

The Sevan WSA is a completely self-contained, hardened appliance that sets a new cost of ownership standard for web access management systems

SUNNYVALE, CA – Sevan Networks, Inc, an innovative provider of web access management solutions for businesses, today introduced the Sevan WSA-100, which increases user convenience by eliminating web access passwords. The WSA is the only web access management product that is completely self-contained in a hardened appliance which operates transparently to web servers, applications, and client software. This unique capability makes the WSA easy to install and manage, and results in a very low cost of ownership. Moreover, the WSA does not put current web operations at risk or interfere with future upgrades to the web site or web server software.

"As more business-critical information and processes become web enabled, convenient and cost-effective access management for employees, partners, and customers is essential," says Matthew Kovar, CFA, Yankee Group Director of Security Solutions & Services. "The Sevan WSA addresses this web access management issue in a unique way. The product relies on public key authentication to increase user convenience and strengthen security. However, deployment and management are simple and the cost of ownership is low because the product doesn’t require an infrastructure like other public key based solutions."

"The Sevan WSA is the only access management product that uses a direct trust model to authenticate web site users, closely matching accepted business practices and legal frameworks in use today," said Charles Williams, President and CEO of Sevan. "Our unique approach also totally eliminates passwords – a major source of user frustration and a high business expense. This advantage plus the very low cost of ownership make the Sevan WSA a compelling alternative to costly software-based access management products."

The Sevan WSA is generally available now.

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Sevan Networks is an innovative provider of web access management solutions for authenticating web site access. Founded in 2000, Sevan is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and maintains sales offices on the East and West Coasts.

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