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Sevan Networks Announces Enhancements to its Web Access Management Appliance

The Sevan WSA™ now supports advanced features while preserving the Sevan promise of low cost of ownership

SUNNYVALE, CA – Sevan Networks, Inc, an innovative provider of web access management solutions for businesses, today announced Release 1.1 of its security appliance, the Sevan WSA. This second release of firmware brings powerful new features to market without an increase in price:

Application Integration: The Sevan WSA can now pass authenticated identity information to the web servers and web applications. This allows the applications to leverage the WSAs strong authentication, while preserving the separation of security and business logic.

URL Mapping: The WSA can perform authenticated identity-based URL mapping, which provides a quick and secure way to personalize a user's web experience.

Clustering: Performance and availability can be linearly scaled by interconnecting up to 15 Sevan WSAs in a cluster.

Support of Remote Servers: The Sevan WSA can now control access to a web server anywhere in the network; the servers need no longer be co-located with the WSA. The new feature allows a WSA to serve as a single point of access control for all servers within an enterprise.

Integration with PKIs: Customers wishing to leverage their PKI investment can do so by integrating the WSA into their existing PKIs.

"Sevan Networks has responded to the wishes of our customers," says Charles Williams, President and CEO of Sevan Networks. "Our flexible architecture and superb development team allow us to quickly anticipate the needs of our customers and deliver the features they need."

These new features are standard on all new WSAs. Customers with previous versions will receive a no-cost software upgrade under Sevan's Value Preservation program.

About Sevan Networks
Sevan Networks is an innovative provider of web identity authentication solutions for managing web site access. Founded in 2000, Sevan is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and maintains sales offices on the East and West Coasts.

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