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"The product relies on public key authentication to increase user convenience and strengthen security. However, deployment and management are simple and the cost of ownership is low because the product doesn’t require an infrastructure like other public key based solutions."

-- Matthew Kovar, CFA,            Yankee Group

Federated Identity Management

The age of the monolithic organization has passed. Most organizations have integrated partners, suppliers, and customers into their business processes. These "federated" organizations must have appropriate access to your critical business information and processes. The WSA is designed for federated identity management.

The WSA allows you to partition resources for the exclusive or shared use of federated partners. You may assign some or all of the administration of these federated resources to your partners, suppliers, or customers. With the WSA it is simple for you to control which of your resources are federated and for your partners to control who is allowed to access the federated resources. Depending on your partners' business needs, they can even further partition the resources for fine-grain access control.

WSA federated identity management can be implemented through a single WSA. However when each federated entity has its own WSA, the administrators have even greater control on federated identity management.


  • Each organization can securely carve out resources that can be shared by other organizations. A single web site can host federated and private resources. Independent federated partners can be confidently hosted on a single site.

  • The administration of federated resources depends on the needs of your business. The WSA allows the hosting organization to control access to some resources and the federated organizations to control others.

  • Delegating user administration to the federated organization increases management responsiveness, as well as removing your organization from the liability loop.

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