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"The product relies on public key authentication to increase user convenience and strengthen security. However, deployment and management are simple and the cost of ownership is low because the product doesn’t require an infrastructure like other public key based solutions."

-- Matthew Kovar, CFA,            Yankee Group

LDAP and PKI Integration Options

LDAP Integration: For each partitioned resource, the administrator can chose to manage the users locally on the WSA or though a LDAP-compliant directory. When the WSA is integrated with LDAP, the user enrollment information is obtained from the LDAP directory. The WSA automatically tracks changes to user records in LDAP directory.

The WSA easily and lightly integrates with all of the popular directories. The WSA does not modify the directory.

PKI Integration: For each partitioned resource, the administrator can chose which PKIs are recognized. The WSA accepts only user SSL certificates generated by the recognized PKIs.

The WSA can operate as a stand-alone device or can be integrated into your directory and PKI infrastructures.


  • Integrate the WSA into one or more LDAP-compliant directories to leverage your enterprise user provisioning and management systems

  • LDAP integration options are on a per-resource basis, so users of a particular set of resources can be managed through a directory and users of another set of resources might be locally administered on the WSA. This is useful when external users who do not belong in your directory require an access

  • PKI integration allows you to control users by restricting the generation and distribution of certificates. Only users with certificates from recognized PKIs can enroll for access to specific resources

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