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"The product relies on public key authentication to increase user convenience and strengthen security. However, deployment and management are simple and the cost of ownership is low because the product doesn’t require an infrastructure like other public key based solutions."

-- Matthew Kovar, CFA,            Yankee Group

No Server or Client Software

The WSA uses the SSL client authentication found in virtually all browsers.

The WSA is a network device and does not affect the server software. As a matter of fact, the servers are not aware that the WSA is installed. The WSA operates on HTTP/HTTPS messages and is agnostic as to the software that generates or comsumes the packets. The WSA does not require "agents" or other code to be integrated on the servers.


  • The cost of installing, configuring, and maintaining client software dominates the cost of ownership for most systems. The WSA removes this cost.

  • Integrating software on the client or the server greatly complicates the maintenance and upgrade of the client and server software environments. The client and server software are oblivious to the WSA.

  • The WSA's operation is independent of the servers. The WSA supports any server as well as mixed server environments.

  • Integrating software on the servers can result in a "ball-and-chain", which prevents you from upgrading or swapping out server hardware or software. By performing as a network device, the WSA is insensitive to your choices of server hardware, operating systems, and applications. You are free to run your web site as your business demands.

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