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Business Solutions

These are some of the business problems solved by the Sevan WSA. Click on the title and learn more about the solution

Increasing Customer Satisfaction. You have forced your customers to identify themselves through names and passwords. However, forgotten passwords are discouraging your customers from using your services and stolen passwords result in fraud. The WSA can help

Providing Partners with Access to Your Business. You use web technology to accelerate your business: customers gain better visibility to their orders and suppliers integrate into your supply chain. However, your methods for providing selective access to your business processes are too clumsy and cost too much. The WSA can help.

Protecting Your Web Servers from Attacks. Your business demands that customers, partners, and employees are able to access your business over the Internet. However, your external web servers are attacked, resulting in disruption of your business. The WSA can help.

Reducing Fraud from Shared Passwords. You are using the internet to sell electronic content (e.g. games, music, and research) through a subscription model – a fee for the content. You find that subscriber names and passwords are shared, thus allowing non-subscribers to gain free access to your service. The WSA can help.

Empowering Individual Departments to Leverage Web Technologies. Your departmental managers are clambering to use intranet, web technologies to enhance business efficiencies. However, your IS and Security departments are hampering this efforts because of security and operations issues. The WSA can help.

Restricting Access to Specific Computers. You have provided a contractor with passwords to access sensitive information. You have found that the contractor' employees are using the passwords from home or other unauthorized computers. You must prevent this practice. The WSA can help.

Enforcing Closed Communities. You wish to establish a community for elementary school students on the Internet. In order to keep it safe, you want to restrict the access to only those computers located in elementary school libraries. You tried passwords, but couldn't control them. You tried IP address filtering, but found addresses too rigid. The WSA can help.

Subscriber Services for Application Service Providers. You are providing applications over the Internet. You are using passwords and VPN to prevent non-subscribers from accessing the applications. You must rethink your access control strategy, since your current methods are expensive, ineffective, and inconvenient. The WSA can help.




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