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Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Today, businesses identify their customers through account names and passwords. Remembering and manually entering passwords can put an undo burden on the customers, which in turn has a negative affect on customer satisfaction. How can a customer do business with you when he forgets his password? Where does a customer vent his frustration when fumbling through piles of passwords?

By enhancing your Web Site with a WSA, you can provide your customers with a convenient alternative to user name and password authentication. The customer no longer must locate and enter a password to do business with you.

The WSA does not require passwords. Rather, the WSA authenticates the customer based on a certificate stored in the browser. The WSA interrogates this certificate automatically when the customer accesses your web site. So, the authentication is transparent to the user. If the certificate indicates that the user is indeed your customer, the WSA allows the customer access to your business. Otherwise, the WSA invites the user to enroll as a customer.

Unlike “PKI-based” solutions, the WSA can use any certificate. If your customer does not have a certificate, the WSA will provide him with his unique certificate in 3 clicks of the mouse. Once your customer has a certificate, he need not apply for a new one – a WSA certificate can last for a lifetime and can be used at any WSA-enabled Web Site.


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