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Providing Partners with Access to Your Business

Your business is no longer an island. You must provide suppliers, contractors, and strategic customers with up-to-date access to highly selected portions of your business. The inability of one of your key partners to access information can stall your business. An accidental disclosure of sensitive information can ruin you.

Businesses are using the web to link to their partners. By adding a WSA to your Web Servers, you can leverage your partners as follows:

  • By replacing password-based access control, you avoid the delays and inconvenience stemming from lost passwords. You no longer are faced with the problem that the password owner is on vacation, yet your partner needs access to your business.

  • By replacing password-based access control, you can better control who can access your business. Passwords are easy to share and passwords can be used from any computer (your partner's or your competitor's). The WSA's certificate-based access control provides you with the options to restrict access to only those computers with the certificate(s). By the way, the WSA generates and installs a certificate, that it is very difficult to move from one computer to another.

  • The WSA invites you to divide your Web Site into services. The access control mechanisms make it impossible for a non-subscriber to access a service. Therefore, your business is partitioned to prevent accidental disclosure; e.g. one customer accessing information belonging to a competitor customer.

  • The WSA allows you to delegate administration of independent portions of your Web Site. This means that you can transfer user administration to an employee of your partner – your employees no longer have responsibility nor authority to add and remove your partner's users.

  • The WSA provides access control and security independently of your servers. This greatly reduces your risk when careless upgrades to your servers or applications could result in security holes.

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