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"The product relies on public key authentication to increase user convenience and strengthen security. However, deployment and management are simple and the cost of ownership is low because the product doesn’t require an infrastructure like other public key based solutions."

-- Matthew Kovar, CFA,            Yankee Group

Self-Contained, Hardened Appliance

The twin demands of strong security and low cost of ownership require a self-contained, hardened appliance. This is important since strong security requires simplicity of installation and operation: every point of contact between a security device and the outside world is a point of vulnerability and error. Simplicity and the absence of external hardware or software also leads to low cost of ownership.

The WSA is designed as a hardened device using the best security principles. For example, the WSA uses a simplified, real-time operating kernel. All of the WSA's critical functions like protocol handling and web services were implemented by Sevan, and all sensitive data is encrypted.


  • A self-contained appliance is easy to install: no integration or reliance on external devices

  • The simplicity of a self-contained appliance is the basis for realistically strong security. There are simply fewer things to go wrong

  • A hardened appliance provides security that you can trust. The appliance, rather than your servers, takes the brunt of hacker attacks

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